Offline Browsing

Access offline

Now you can access our website without an internet connection. You need to follow just a few steps to get started.

Sometimes you may be lacking data to access our website, please we have integrated some easy functionality for you to have better experience with our website.

The following are the steps.

  • You need to click on to reach on our website.
  • When you are now on the home page or on any page, then try to scroll through all the way down the page. You will see some pop-up at the bottom. Like this one in the image below.

  • Then click on the pop-up words that says “Add To Home Screen.”
  • Click on it, then wait a moment, it will be added to your home screen of your phone or computer. Like the image below.

  • After this, you can now tape on it to launch. Like this, you will be able to access everything on our website without an internet connection.

Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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